Hammock Chairs & Swings

Rainbow Hammock ChairWhile a large part of the country is locked into severe drought conditions, we have been doing fairly well here in the north country. We seem to be getting rains just in the nick of time to keep our garden healthy and strong. We got a pretty early start this year because of the warm weather but without the rain it would have been all for naught.

Comfortable and Stylish

Gardening and fishing are two of my favorite things to do during summer. After our fishing excursion, we like to sit out on our deck and watch our garden grow while my hubby is drinking a cold beer and I am relaxing. Our garden furniture is nothing special. The table and chairs that we have are made of cheap plastic. If we buy additional garden furniture, I am sure it will be a Hammock Chair. I recently ran across this chair at YardEnvy.com. This chair looks very comfortable to sit in while catching a few rays. In the spring time, when the sun is still low in the sky, you get good exposure but in the heat of the summer, the umbrella keeps you in the cool shade.

The hammock chair allows you to swing freely or spin yourself like on a merry-go-round, whichever you prefer. It is an award winning chair. When I first saw this kind of recliner, I was blown away by the design of it. If you are in the market for some new deck or garden furniture, you should check out this hammock chair. I think this is probably the coolest and most comfortable recliner I have ever seen. We have a reclining chair in our living room but we don’t have anything like that for outdoors. As a matter of fact, the deck furniture that we have now is not really all that great so we have been thinking about buying some deck or garden furniture that is a little more comfortable and stylish.

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Question Answered

The subject of my last topic on Sasquatch was whether they migrate south during the winter or find a relatively warm place to hunkered down during the long Minnesota winters. We had been leaning towards the idea of migration but the representative from the Bigfoot research organization believed that they hung around.

That question was conclusively answered about a month ago in mid February, at least for our local population. We found a set of tracks in the deep snow at a location where we had found tracks before. Although the tracks were probably a couple of weeks old, it seems highly unlikely that they could have been made by anything other than a Bigfoot.

The tracks were located in two foot deep snow that had melted and then been covered with another few inches of snow again. As a result, they did not show much detail but the prints showed a consistent left-right pattern with the usual offset in one location and a stride in excess of six feet while going up a slight grade. I know of no other animal that could have left that kind of trail. Clearly the results of a very large bi-pedal animal. We also found several very large impressions in the snow along the trail which indicated that the animal had either lain down or crouched down in the snow.

Multitude of Road Kill

The subject of what they would eat during the winter is easily answered when you drive down the roads around here and observe the multitude of road kill that has been fresh frozen during the winter. Large numbers of deer and other animals are easy pickings for both Bigfoot and the many other predatory animals that spend the winters here. I have even seen many bald eagles recently who would tend to fly south during the winter to open water.

I will admit the evidence of one animal here during February does not conclusively answer the question. Some may hang around their summer home range during the winter and some may be snow birds but this proves, at least, that some do hang around here during the winter time.

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Hotel & Restaurant Supplies

Are you in need of a wide array of items and supplies for a restaurant or hotel? Look no further. Peach Suite is a great place to shop, with plenty of options to suit various architectural styles and interior designs. Themed restaurants can be furnished with Asian Restaurant Supply, including authentic cooking items such as bamboo steamer sets, chopsticks and chopsticks rests, hibachi sets, sushi supplies, sake bottles, rise and noodle bowls, and other exotic items.

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PeachSuite Hotel Supplies provide a plethora of great choices, with options available for furnishing the hotel with items ranging from small office supplies like paper and clips to large equipment such as beds and sofas. Everything needed to furnish a typical hotel is readily available at Peach Suite. Every category is well represented so you’ll rarely need to find another supplier to furnish you with other items you need.

Everything is covered, whether you are looking for various janitorial supplies to equipment at the restaurants and dining rooms on site.

Different types of restaurants feature a wide range of menu items and would require various forms of equipment. At Peach Suite, you will find several Pizza Shop Supplies, including pizza boxes, special pizza delivery bags, pizza cutters, and many others.

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In the Light of Day

The next morning my brother called to tell me about his fascinating encounter of the previous evening. I drove over to his place to help him investigate the area. Sure enough we found a clear trail in the exact direction which the sounds that he heard had come from. Because of the nature of the surface of the forest floor and the newly fallen carpet of leaves, it was difficult to get any really good photos of the prints but the two shown below actually turned out better than I had anticipated.



There were several other less distinguishable prints along the trail that showed the presence of a large and heavy foot which had crushed several rotten adjacent branches and large areas of green lichens which had been freshly flattened. There were several leaf covered prints which had left deep impressions in the underlying soft ground. I could feel the distinct human like shape of the prints by putting my number fourteen size shoe into the depressions. In a swampy area, we found one print that must have sunk into the ground four to six inches and then filled with water.

Neither of us were left with any doubt as to what had made the tracks. We both hope to have more encounters in the future with our big and hairy friends.

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Defend Yourself

The world has become quite a dangerous place. This is why people and the law have become very vigilant with crimes. But sadly, we are overly vigilant at times. A news became viral over the internet after a man got fined with more than 500 USD and federally charged with “Shop lifting/Theft” for failing to pay a 99 cents soda refill. Getting fined and federally charged for a soda refill thinking it was a “Free Refill” station is just one of many crimes this overly vigilant community we are in has, call without hesitation Cincinnati Attorney or the Cincinnati Criminal Attorney. Another is drunk driving. Now don’t get me wrong. I would never condone drunk driving but there are times when mistakes are made.

Wrongfully accused due to breathalyzer malfunction or just a simple human error can spell disaster. There are so many factors that can influence a breathalyzer reading. From misreading BAC levels to improper sequence of test administration to sloppy handwriting on the file can lead to a wrongful accusation. Being fined is already painful enough but losing your privilege to drive is just unbearable. For these instances people in these situations would definitely need an experienced and strong defense attorney like the Cincinnati OVI Lawyer.

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Home Energy Team

 photo energy-audit_zps788dbbf2.jpgI would like to know more about home remodeling marketing strategy to reduce our home energy usage. The winter is the season when we consume the most energy. Heating the house here in the north land is the biggest expense but electrical usage increases also due to the long nights. It is especially hard on me to turn down the thermostat because I grew up in a tropical country where it is warm all year round. If there are ways to increase the energy efficiency of our home so that we don’t have to turn the temperature down to the point that I am freezing I would certainly like to know more about them. I would really like to make our home more energy efficient and save a lot of money at the same time. The problem is I am not sure where to start but have now found a website that can help.

Successful Home Performance

Home Energy Team is a division of Green Training USA that provides everything you need to set up and run a successful home performance business.  They provide you with a home energy report and energy-saving recommendations tailored for your energy audit business plan.

I have learned about a few easy tips to save energy that we have started practicing already. For example, always turn off the lights when nobody is in the room and unplug home appliances because some of them use electricity even when they are not in use. We have also replaced most of our incandescent light bulbs with higher efficiency bulbs known as fluorescent.

There are many energy saving tips that I learned that I was not aware of before. You should check out this kind of energy audit business opportunity to see for yourself.

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Discover the Gardener in You

I love to garden. Unfortunately, I can’t do that all year round here in northern Minnesota. During the summers, I have a vegetable garden and because my flowers are in pots I can bring them in the house to keep them growing year round.  Summer is my favorite season of the year because I can do a lot of outdoor activities like fishing and gardening.  I have a small garden in the front yard near our deck. I plant several different kinds of vegetables like spinach, radishes, tomatoes, corn and much more. Even though I am not much into eating veggies, I am happy just to grow them and don’t mind if my hubby eats them all.

My hubby and I have been planting a garden here in our yard since I got here in the spring of 2006. Gardening here has been a real challenge compared to the all year round gardening that I was used to my native Philippines. We had fresh vegetables year round because of the fertile soil, warm temperatures and abundant sunlight. Here in northern Minnesota it is an entirely different story. The soil here is very poor and sandy and when it does not rain for a few weeks it gets dry as a bone. The growing season is so short that there is barely enough time between frosts to get the fruit grown and harvested.

Latest Gardening Trends

 photo carribeanCocktail_zpsa1639cf6.jpgIn an effort to extend our growing season, we have begun to attempt growing some of our vegetables in pots so that we can start them early inside and bring them back in later in the season. We had limited success with peppers, lettuce and beets but our tomato plants have not done well in the pots. Fortunately, the tomatoes do seem to do well in our garden soil.

Part of the problem with our potted plants has been poor drainage and bad soil. We improved upon that greatly when we tried using some good potting soil. If you want to start with your gardening project, you should visit Blooming Secrets.   This site will ask you to take a short quiz which provides information on your gardening skill level, where you live and what type of gardening you are interested in. It also includes other vital environmental information. By providing this information, Blooming Secrets will be able to create a list of products that will be suitable to help you with your gardening.  All of the products found on their website focus on the latest gardening trends including container gardening and color flower combinations.

Blooming Secrets also includes editorial content and there is an interactive section (Ask Us) where users can post gardening questions.  Head over to their site now to get inspired by other gardening enthusiasts across the country.

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